Books bind Faye started as a small handmade custom shop on Etsy in 2019. Because of the love in papers, journals and stationery supplies, i keep pursue my dream hobbies and expand the business. Books bind Faye is based in San Francisco, California. I operate my small business in my apartment. Wishing one day i will have a shop front somewhere in the neighborhood or the bay area.

My story:

I bound my first handmade book in 2016 when I was looking for a gift for my friend. My friend loved it and asked if i could make their sibling a wedding guest book. I said "yes!". These are my moments of joys and it is been encouraging me along my creative journey.

I fell in love with it. Now i turn it into Books bind Faye 🐣

Books bind Faye introduction:

My main products are Mulberry papers which are handmade papers from Thailand.
I choose Thai Mulberry papers because they are great quality papers. Mulberry paper gives a really nice texture when torn. You can see them in most my handmade mulberry books, where inside covers are covered with smooth mulberry, as well as the front covers.

Books bind Faye’s designer choice:

What is the designer choice section?
A: The covers are designed by me. Most of them are abstract arts that I design them based on my inspiration that you will fine each theme and story in each product description.

▪️Each design is really time-consuming, from planning, designing, choosing the color tone, picking the mulberry papers, and putting them together into every each single cover.
▪️Each design is unique, and you can not find them elsewhere except at Books bind Faye.
▪️The designer choice collection will be available from time to time. Sign-up to my newsletter to be the first person to receive the updates.

Every single books I bind, every book I make, I make them with all my love and passion.

Thank you for reading til the end,
Faye 💛